Frequently Asked Questions

About Hayley and her speeches / presentations

Is Hayley a professional speaker?

How long should we allow for Hayley's speech?

Is the content always the same?

Are virtual events as good as ‘real life’ events?

How does Hayley keep people engaged during virtual events?

About the booking process and logistics

What is the process for booking Hayley for my event?

How will Hayley work with us to tailor her presentation?

Does Hayley use PowerPoint? What equipment does she need?

Can you provide a biog for our conference manual and some ideas about how to introduce Hayley?

What is the payment process?

Do we still have to pay if our event gets cancelled or the date changes?

We are a charity / school and therefore have a limited budget. Is it still possible to book Hayley for our event?

Our speaker has dropped out at the last moment. Could Hayley help us out at short notice?