Inclusive Recruitment Training

Attract a more diverse range of candidates and create a workplace that values and respects differences

Delivered in-person by Hayley Barnard - one of the world’s leading authorities on Diversity and Inclusion - Inclusive Recruitment Training offers an advanced level, bespoke solution for individuals and leaders looking to truly embed inclusivity in their talent acquisition process. Training can be tailored for HR leads, Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition professionals, CEOs and Boards, and adapted for multiple disciplines.

We have had much positive feedback; her content was spot on and delivered with passion and authenticity.

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Training Overview

Using advanced learning tools, case studies and her unparalleled expertise, Hayley will guide you through the strategy, measurements, policies and processes needed to develop a recruitment process that reaches the very best talent.

Working together in one or two-day ‘deep dives’, you’ll answer the questions:

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

The result will be a recruitment strategy that’s unique to your organisation and - more importantly - the guidance and support needed to set it in motion.

Training modules will be tailored to your needs, but typically include the following:

  • Introduction to Inclusive Recruitment and the impact of unconscious bias
  • Managing your own bias - tools to be a more inclusive recruiter
  • Building an Inclusive Recruitment Process: moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion
  • How to create inclusive job adverts and job descriptions
  • Understand how attractive your company & job is to diverse candidates (and how to make it more appealing)
  • Learn ways to widen your candidate search to include diverse groups
  • Increasing fairness and equality in the way you assess CVs/Resumes and the shortlisting process
  • Running and designing inclusive Interviews - best practice from across industries
  • How to debrief and select candidates
  • Setting your inclusive recruitment process in motion and measuring results.

Inclusive Recruitment Training for Teams

Alongside training for individuals and leaders, Hayley and her team have developed a library of video-based, expert-led online learning resources designed for large groups and company-wide training. These courses will help those involved in recruitment at any level to understand the challenges posed by unconscious bias and equip them with practical tools to mitigate the effects of bias and foster truly inclusive recruitment practices. Visit Mix Diversity for more information.


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