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Hayley Barnard is one of the world’s foremost speakers on Diversity and Inclusion, and a prominent motivational speaker for conferences, annual meetings, associations and corporate events.

Hayley’s authentic and empowering speeches draw on decades of professional experience fostering inclusivity in corporations, as well as on her personal journey - from founding and growing three companies, to trekking across the Arctic and swimming the English Channel. The result is a keynote speaker who will not only engage and entertain your audience, but also inspire and inform meaningful, lasting change.

Hayley was the first speaker at our (virtual) annual kick-off meeting and she delivered a perfect session. Humour, humility, courage, clarity and not sugar-coating some of the work involved all combined with practical suggestions and tips.

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Keynote speeches tailored to your audience

Witnessing Hayley’s relaxed, natural presentation style, you’d be forgiven for thinking she delivers keynote speeches with little to no preparation. The reality is that every speech is precisely tailored to its audience, with a personalisation and relevance that only comes from meticulous planning and a deep understanding of event objectives.

Event organisers value this combination of easy-going style and through preparation, and delegates find Hayley approachable and relatable.

Keynotes Tailored in Multiple Formats

Regardless of which format is preferred, Hayley tailors her presentation to match the objectives of your event.

40 mins - 1 hour Keynote

2-3 hour Workshop

Remote Webinar for Dispersed Leaders

Hayley spoke to our whole firm as part of our IWD events. Her talk was a fantastic mix of theory, practical tips and personal anecdotes and struck the perfect note. We've had some great feedback and it's created just the right platform for further conversations and work. I'd highly recommend Hayley to anyone looking for something similar.

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Hayley was fantastic, full of energy and gave us great insights and tools to take ourselves to the next level. She also spent significant time with us prior to the conference to understand the context of the in-house counsel and customise the message to the challenges we face in our roles. It was a pleasure to work with her.

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