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Recent Keynotes

  • Moving from Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership
  • Diversity Dividend: The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Developing a Gender Balanced Business
  • Why can’t you be more like me? An introduction to Unconscious Bias
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get: ambition & business critical assignments
  • Inclusion and Innovation

Inclusion Speaker Showreel

Hayley is a subject-matter expert on Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, and Inclusive Leadership.

Hayley’s clients value the humour and light touch she brings to the subject whilst also communicating the important messages around the value of inclusion.

This showreel will give you an indication of Hayley’s delivery style. The content, of course, will be tailored to your needs, audience and event.

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Client Feedback


Moving from Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership

This is one of Hayley’s most popular keynotes. Developing leaders to be more inclusive in their leadership and management style is essential for any organisation that wants to see significant progress in diversity and inclusion, as well as benefits to innovation and the bottom line.

Hayley starts with some jargon-busting, establishing what unconscious bias is and why it matters, before taking leaders on a journey through the different strategies and tools they can develop to become more inclusive in the way they operate.


Developing a Gender Balanced Business

It’s well publicised that companies in Europe are increasingly having to work harder to ensure they have a pipeline of women to senior level. Through case studies and using respected research, Hayley highlights the best practice of both men and women and the organisations they operate within.

Crucially, this is not a speech about how to fix the women, or blame the men. It’s about leveraging differences for the benefit of all. This session can be tailored to be women-only, or suitable for all in leadership positions.


Why can’t you be more like me? An introduction to Unconscious Bias

For employees to reach their potential, a culture of inclusivity that allows people to truly be themselves at work is essential. Yet why is that so hard?

Using storytelling and anecdotes, Hayley explains the science behind unconscious bias, its evolutionary roots and its potentially misleading nature. Delegates leave with practical tools for how to support D&I in the work environment.


Diversity Dividend: The business case for Inclusion

Why all this fuss about inclusion? In this rallying speech Hayley explores the various business cases for inclusion of diversity. Her aim is to move beyond the ‘moral’ imperative of being inclusive towards a fuller understanding of the astronomical value that diverse & inclusive teams can bring.

Using case studies from a range of industries she looks at how businesses have harnessed diversity and inclusion to increase innovation, widen their customer base, recruit and retain talent, improve employee engagement and ultimately to increase profitability. As one client said, “Hayley demonstrated that Diversity and Inclusion isn’t an HR issue but a company-wide opportunity.”

Keynotes Tailored in Multiple Formats

Regardless of which format is preferred, Hayley tailors her presentation to match the objectives of your event.

40 Mins – 1 hour Keynote

2-3 Hour Workshop

Remote Webinar for Dispersed Leaders

In Hayley’s own words...

Here’s what you can expect from me as your event speaker:

I always start with a short pre-event questionnaire which goes over the basics of your conference. We will email you a link to complete the pre-event questionnaire online.

Next, we’ll schedule a phone consultation so that I fully understand the goals of your conference and what my objectives are. I’ll bounce some ideas off you to make sure that we’re on the same page.

Great communication – I’m only an email or a call away and will reply to you promptly.

If you want me to, I will promote your event on Social Media.

I’m low hassle – I don’t need babysitting or hand-holding. I’ll find you on the day. I don’t have any special requests – no dietary requirements or weird requests. Just a lapel mic so that I can move freely about the stage!

Most importantly, I will deliver a professional prepared presentation that is entertaining and educational.