Board Briefings

Providing Diversity & Inclusion Insights for Boards of Directors and SLTs

New legislation relating to Gender Pay Gap Reporting alongside an increase in research showing a strong business case for Diversity and Inclusion is leading companies to act. But what action should be taken?

Hayley Barnard has had the privilege of providing board level briefings at companies ranging from SMEs of a few hundred employees to the boards of global organisations. She can provide a top-level briefing on current diversity and inclusion strategy, unconscious bias and how to effectively communicate with employees on this topic.

Hayley’s knowledge is robust; her experience is solid. She is able to provide case studies from other companies of a similar size and across industry best practice.

In addition to company Board of Directors, these sessions are also popular with Senior Leadership Teams, Executive Leadership Teams and HR Teams. Topics include:

  • The business case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Unconscious bias and how might it be affecting your leadership
  • Its impact on Diversity and Inclusion in a corporate environment
  • What other companies are doing in relation to diversity and inclusion
  • Where to focus resources first
  • How to structure the management and monitoring of a D&I programme
  • How to communicate D&I messages to all staff so that they get on board
  • Gender balance – why and how (without alienating the male population)
  • Why some inclusion change programmes fail – pitfalls to avoid

Client Testimonials

“Hayley was our keynote speaker at a seminar for CEOs and HR Directors on Unconscious Bias and how it might be affecting their leadership. Using ‘best practice’ stories and anecdotes backed up by research, she inspired our senior level audience to think differently and want to take action. Our delegates were particularly impressed by Hayley’s open and encouraging style which created a great buzz in the room.”

Colin Daniel - School for CEOs
Colin Daniel
School for CEOs

“Hayley provided a comprehensive briefing to our Executive Board, immediately setting the room at ease with her engaging and personable manner. The directors found the session and exercises insightful, and discussion flowed freely and openly. The impact has been immediate, with our first female Board appointment, a revised approach to recruitment (leading to us hiring a female developer), and a revised flexible working policy. Hayley's contribution was vital - she demonstrated that Diversity and Inclusion isn't an HR issue but a company-wide opportunity.”

Amanda Cherry - Director of HR, Aspect Capital
Amanda Cherry
Director of HR - Aspect Capital

“Hayley came to talk with our Diversi-T network about unconcious bias. Hayley‘s knowledge, passion and style really struck a cord with us and she has since returned to T-Systems to do some more in depth work with our board of directors and present to all our people managers on unconcious bias and how recongising and understanding its impact can be used to instigate positive change in our organisation.”

Jake Attfield - HR Director, T-Systems
Jake Attfield
HR Director - T-Systems