Implicitly Unconscious Bias Test

Unconscious Bias Testing for Individuals and Teams

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Making the unconscious conscious is the first step in reducing bias and removing barriers to inclusion. Hayley can provide unconscious bias testing for individuals and teams (or indeed a whole company).

Hayley is a qualified practitioner in the use of the Implicitly Unconscious Bias or implicit association test. Implicitly is the first and only test specifically created for use in a business environment to identify the likelihood of unconscious discriminatory behaviour.

Implicitly offers a series of online tests that measure a person’s strength of attitude towards other groups (such as on the grounds of age, disability, ethnic origin or gender) through the strength of hidden, or implicit attitudes.

Such attitudes are pre-conscious or ‘subliminal’ so can be utterly at odds with an individual’s expressed opinion towards the other group. Because these implicit attitudes operate at this subliminal level, they are inaccessible by traditional measurement methods.

That’s where Implicitly comes in.

The tool measures the speed of mental processing as a measure of the strength of the associations or social categorization held by the test-taker and with the likelihood of discriminatory behaviour.

How organisations use Implicitly

There are a number of reasons for testing, with individual personal development often the most popular reason for taking the tests. Implicitly can be used to help people explore their own positive or negative associations about other groups, either as part of a wider development process or as a simple awareness raising activity.

This is particularly popular with Boards of Directors and Senior Leadership Teams.

Implicitly - Diverse group of people

Corporately, organisations also use Implicitly for Team Development, Inspection & Audit and Selection process (although the test should only be part of a selection process and not as a stand-alone screening tool) and to Evaluate the impact of training or policy change, taking ‘before and after’ samples of staff or customer association to assess any change after the intervention.

For more information about the Implicitly Unconscious Bias test or about Diversity and Inclusion Board Briefings, please call Hayley Barnard on +44 (0)7765 881420.