Motivational Speaker

Inspirational professional female speaker on personal leadership

Hayley is a prolific keynote speaker providing entertaining and inspirational speeches for company conferences, annual meetings, associations and corporate events.

From trekking across the Arctic, to training to swim the English Channel and running three companies alongside a family, Hayley knows a thing or two about maintaining motivation.

She shows delegates some practical strategies to help them realise their goals and believe in their own potential.

Most importantly, Hayley equips delegates with the tools not only to achieve, but also to foster a work/life balance which makes for healthy and resilient workforces and individuals.

Motivational Speaker

This showreel will provide you with an insight into Hayley’s interactive delivery style when on stage. Every speech is tailored to the audience and event themes.

Event organisers value her thorough level of preparation and easy-going nature.

Delegates find her relatable and approachable.

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Hayley's Recent Keynotes

Hayley Barnard - Motivational Speaker

Move into the FAST LANE

Fearless ambition, pushing yourself to upskill and try new things.

Hayley Barnard - Motivational Speaker


What’s it like on the other side of you as a leader? Self-awareness and influence.

Hayley Barnard - Motivational Speaker

If you don't ask, YOU DON'T GET

Overcoming self-doubt, stopping self-sabotage, aiming high, having a plan to get there.

Hayley Barnard - Motivational Speaker


What it is, how it holds people back, what practical steps you can take to overcome it.

Client Testimonials

“Hayley was absolutely brilliant. She really captured the audience. I felt she was true. Very authentic, very inspiring!”

Claire Reynolds, Head of Business Sales, Vodafone
Claire Reynolds
Head of Business Sales - Vodafone

“She held the audience in the palm of her hands. She was extremely engaging. Very relevant and completely tailored to the audience.”

Joanne Hession - The Entrepreneur's Academy
Joanne Hession
Founder - The Entrepreneur's Academy

In Hayley’s own words...

Here’s what you can expect from me as your event speaker:

I always start with a short pre-event questionnaire which goes over the basics of your conference. We will email you a link to complete the pre-event questionnaire online.

Next, we’ll schedule a phone consultation so that I fully understand the goals of your conference and what my objectives are. I’ll bounce some ideas off you to make sure that we’re on the same page.

Great communication – I’m only an email or a call away and will reply to you promptly.

If you want me to, I will promote your event on Social Media.

I’m low hassle – I don’t need babysitting or hand-holding. I’ll find you on the day. I don’t have any special requests – no dietary requirements or weird requests. Just a lapel mic so that I can move freely about the stage!

Most importantly, I will deliver a professional prepared presentation that is entertaining and educational.